Workers Compensation Insurance

  • For work-related injuries & illnesses suffered by you or your employees
  • Covers medical expenses, replaces part of lost wages, and provides services needed to return an employee to work
  • Protects against lawsuits from your employees for work-related injuries and illnesses

Workers Compensation is required by law in some states, such as California, if you have employees.

Even if your state doesn’t require it, be aware that even minor on-the-job injuries can cost many thousands of dollars in treatment. Your employees will look to you to handle the cost of their job-related injuries.

Examples of incidents covered by Workers Compensation

  • A trip and fall while at the job site or in the office results in a sprained knee with three months of physical therapy needed.
  • Whether swinging a hammer or using a computer, the employee develops wrist problems and must have carpal tunnel surgery.
  • An employee complains of continued dizziness and headaches from a solvent used on the job site or from the adhesive used to put in the new office carpet.

You work hard to keep your workplace clean and safe, but as the old saying goes, “Accidents will happen.” Workers Comp Insurance is much cheaper than paying an injury claim out of your own pocket.

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