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You work on the most important part of a building – the roof.

The work you do protects everyone and anything beneath the roof. On the other hand, problems with your completed work can result in damage to the ceiling, walls and everything else under that roof. The next person you hear from might be your client’s lawyer. A commercial general liability policy provides you with the legal and financial protection you need when a claim is made against you.

Roofing work is statistically the most dangerous of the construction trades. You can protect yourself and your employees with a workers compensation policy (required in many states).

We offer commercial vehicle insurance for everything from small pick-ups to big flatbeds. If you own or rent cranes, we can help you get the coverage you need.

If you need a bond, we’ll help you get the right one.

We have great rates for roofers. If you have suffered “sticker shock” while shopping for roofing insurance, we can help you.

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