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Commercial Property Insurance

  • For your building
  • For your business property & inventory in a building you own or lease
  • For tools or other property that moves with you from job to job
  • For buildings you are constructing

Commercial Property Insurance covers your property against loss caused by events such as fire, wind, vandalism, and theft.

If you have your own building and are paying a mortgage, the bank or finance company will require you to insure it.

Add up the cost of your inventory, your tools, your computers, and any other “stuff” your business owns, and if you can’t easily replace it out-of-pocket, you should get it insured.

Examples of incidents covered by Commercial Property Insurance

  • A pipe bursts in the ceiling above your office during the night. When you come in the next day, all the computers are ruined and the data is lost and must be reconstructed.
  • While on a job site $15,000 in tools are stolen from the back of your truck.
  • There is a fire at your warehouse and inventory worth $100,000 has been destroyed.

The definition of “property” can be very broad and include lost income, money, company papers and computer records. You can also obtain Business Interruption coverage to help you get through the time it takes to get up and running after you have suffered a covered loss.

Small business owners can often get a great rate on their insurance with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that includes both Commercial Liability and Commercial Property coverage.

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All insurance coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the policies issued. Read your insurance policies carefully and speak to your agent about any questions you have.
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