Builders Risk/Course of Construction

Provides coverage for:

  • a residential or commercial building that is under construction or renovation
  • the materials for the construction of the building
  • the fixtures and equipment being installed in the building

Regular property insurance does not offer protection for renovation projects or buildings under construction. A Builder’s Risk policy is needed during the time the construction is taking place.

Builders Risk insurance, sometimes called Course of Construction coverage, usually includes protection from damage caused by a wide variety of events, such as fire, wind (restricted in some areas), theft, explosion, and vandalism.

Builders Risk may insure the owner of the building, the contractor, or both. Building owners will often require the contractor to submit a copy of this policy.

If you know you need a Builders Risk policy, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a contractor who has been told you need this insurance, we’ll help you to get the correct Builders Risk policy for the job.

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