Not sure what you need?

  • When you need to insure something but don’t know what type of policy will cover it
  • When you are told you are required to have a (fill in the blank) policy
  • When you haven’t seen it on our website

Sometimes you may want to insure something but you don’t know what type of policy will offer coverage. For example, you want to hold a Christmas party on the company premises and serve alcohol. Could this put you at risk? We can discuss your situation with you and let you know what you need.

If an architect’s faulty building design results in a claim against him, does his general liability policy cover it? The answer is probably “no.” He needs a professional liability policy, also known as errors and omission coverage.

You may be told you need a “BOP” policy, but you don’t see it on our website. We offer Business Owner Policies (BOP) and many others, such as medical malpractice for health care professionals.

The bottom line is: if you can’t find it or aren’t sure exactly what you need, contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.

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All insurance coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the policies issued. Read your insurance policies carefully and speak to your agent about any questions you have.
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