Liquor Liability Insurance

  • Bars/Taverns up to 100% Liquor Receipts
  • Family Restaurants, 24-Hour Diners, fine dining, BYOB establishments
  • Microbreweries with tasting events
  • New Ventures Acceptable
  • Venues with major entertainment, bouncers & security
  • Assault & Battery Coverage Available for qualified risks
  • Nightclubs & Adult Entertainment Clubs
  • Retail Stores & Wholesale Distributors

You’ll need liquor liability coverage if your business sells or serves any type of alcoholic beverage.  Personal injury and property damage caused by intoxicated persons often results in lawsuits against all parties even remotely connected to the alcohol consumed.  The cost of your legal defense alone can easily run over $100,000.

Landlords who rent premises to businesses that sell or serve alcohol will usually require the business to have liquor liability insurance for their own protection.

We offer liquor liability coverage for businesses ranging from fine dining establishments, to dive bars, to corner liquor stores.

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